Item Ordered: Paid Assistance/Technical Support - 1 hour

Cost: $99.00

If you need assistance in setting up your profile, have technical questions, etc., we will provide you with an hour of paid assistance either by phone, email, or other method. The time is billed by the amount of time we spend responding to your question(s), not by how much time you spend in formulating your question(s) or answer(s) to our follow up. The minimum for any support is one hour and the time is not able to be banked for later use beyond the original support request. If we have an ongoing conversation (even over a few days) with you about the original support question, the hour(s) are based on that cumulative time. If you start an entirely new support request or ask for additional assistance not related to the original support request, that will be considered a new support request and incur additional charges. Therefore we strongly recommend you ask all your questions during the initial request. If we think the time will go over the amount of support paid for, we will make every effort to let you know that as soon as that becomes apparent to us. Our intention is to be fair & straightforward with you while maintaining our ability to provide the service at a reasonable cost.

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