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With Bizity you can network with other businesses and individuals who are looking for your products or services, or simply make money on qualified purchases that your Bizity referrals make! And you can save money by using the platform to find yourself awesome deals.  Sign up for free and we'll give you a Bizity business profile that you can use to market your goods or services and to invite others to join Bizity!

If you want even more exposure for your business, you can offer special deals or giveaways to the Bizity community.  The more you and other members participate, the more you and other members benefit!

  • Make money when your referrals make a qualified purchase*
  • Free Business or Individual Profile
  • Market your business without paying for ads**
  • Network with other Bizity members
  • Create enticing offers & giveaways
  • Save money on goods & services you want
  • Link to your existing website and social media
  • A la carte Professional Upgrades available anytime

Featured & Sample Profiles

* Qualified purchases currently include most paid Bizity/NetSys Interactive Inc products & services, and we will be expanding the qualified items as we partner with outside companies to bring you additional offerings.  Goods & services offered between members is not currently eligible for the program, but we plan to eventually expand the program to include those too.  Commissions average around 10% of our offering price or 10% of our profit if we are reselling an outside product or service.  Commissions are held for 90 days from the date of payment to guard against credit card fraud/chargebacks.

** Profiles are free and the number of Free ad rotations you receive are dependent on your level of participation in special offers & giveaways of your products and services to other Bizity members. New accounts even receive some free ad rotations to help get you even more exposure beyond your profile page.  Additional premium ads are also available for purchase if you want additional exposure.



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