Frequently Asked Questions


  • I'm having trouble logging in, what should I do?
    Go to the login page, and clear your web browser's cookies. You may have to do it a seond time. If you continue to have issues, we recommend trying on a different device or web browser to test if it is a different issue.
  • How much does Bizity cost to use? is free to sign up and many features are free to use. Some services are premium only, but will be obvious when you attempt to use them. Premium services are only activated/billed if you go through to the payment screen and make a payment or opt in for a paid service.
  • Do you pay for referrals?
    We pay referral/affiliate fees that result in a premium purchase of a qualified product. Please see our referral program for complete rules & restrictions.
  • Can I have more than one account?
    Yes,you are welcome to setup multiple accounts as long as you abide by the original agreement and do not use the accounts for spam or other questionable/unacceptable behavior. We may set a limit on the number of accounts at some point in the future or on any accounts that we feel are abusing the system in any manner that we feel lessens the quality of the platform. Currently there is no specific limit though.


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